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Indian Ringneck Parakeet (Rose-Ringed Parakeet)

A stunning bird, the Indian ringneck parakeet is actually a very popular pet dog. It may not correct for everyone considering that it calls for a lot of focus as well as treatment, but it is actually a very social bird and also can easily become a superb friend for the whole entire family members. These birds adore to talk and enjoy a great challenge, which makes instruction a lots of fun.

Variety Overview
COMMON NAMES: Indian ringneck parakeet, Indian ringneck parrot, rose-ringed parakeet

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Psittacula krameri manillensis

ADULT SIZE: 16 inches in size consisting of tail plumes as well as 4 ozs in body weight for a medium-sized parrot

EXPECTATION OF LIFE: 25 to 30 years; some occasions as much as fifty years

Table of Contents

Beginning as well as History

The Indian ringneck parakeet is actually an Asiatic subspecies of the rose-ringed parakeet (Psittacula krameri). It also resides in the western side as well as southerly regions of Sudan and also the Middle East.

In the wild, they stay in lightly timbered locations, as well as farmed areas of the countryside. They take a trip in flocks of 100 or even additional birds, so they are actually made use of to entertaining.

Indian ringneck parakeets have actually been actually kept in captivity from as very early as 200 BC. In India, they were deemed sacred creatures after spiritual innovators began to recognize their capability to imitate individual foreign language clearly. Extremely concerned by well-off Indian royals, ringneck parrots were actually inhibited aesthetic cages as well as admired for their colors as well as lovely predispositions.

During the 1920s, aviculturists started reproducing captive ringnecks, and, along with the advent of different colour mutations, the level of popularity of the bird started to blow up. Right now widely accessible in the pet profession, Indian ringneck parakeets continue to obtain increasing popularity as pet dogs. Their reasonably little size as well as lovely markings assist to bring in the ringneck the ideal option for numerous bird owners.


The Indian ringneck possesses one thing of a reputation for being actually nippy and difficult to teach, it is actually mostly undeserved. Because they are therefore clever, ringnecks receive tired incredibly quickly, and also are going to commonly consider eating as well as other devastating habits if they experience ignored.

They additionally look at a bluffing stage during the course of adolescence that is actually tough for some managers to manage. This phase possesses slight hostility, however the period lasts just a couple of full weeks or even months.

Generally, ringnecks dealt with commonly and properly maintained possess delightful, enchanting individualities. Their vocal is actually just about comical, as it is quite high-pitched yet soft. You are going to likewise observe that they’re excellent at signaling you to danger, a wild intuition that is alonged with loud telephone calls.

They perform not possess a credibility for being quite caring, though ladies usually tend to form a stronger connection with managers while men are even more carefree. If there is actually definitely such a trait, they are usually a low-maintenance bird–. In spite of their unresponsive personalities, they do require a bunch of time and focus.

Speech and also Vocalizations

The Indian ringneck is one of the most ideal talking birds with the residential varieties. They may typically start communicating in between 8 months and also 1 years of age, and they can easily know over 200 terms. The bird can easily vary coming from an average talking level to yelling or shrieking, yet they are actually a lot more typically understood for their cleverness and easy understanding when it relates to speech.

Indian Ringneck Parakeet Colors and also Markings

Ringnecks are readily available in tones varying coming from bright yellows, greens, as well as blues, to albinos, sugar-cinnamons, and also lutinos. Though the color mutations prevail, the traditional color of this types is brilliant lime greenish along with blue rear plumes and also yellowish under the airfoils.

They are known as a dimorphic species, indicating that its own taggings and also shades can find out a bird’s sex. Girls, while still lovely, are without the facial and also dog collar bands, although some perform show a small eclipse of different colors around their backs.

Caring for the Indian Ringneck Parakeet

With sufficient attention, taking care of, and passion, an Indian ringneck parakeet can promptly come to be a cherished partner as well as relative. They enjoy knowing brand new factors and also are incredibly skillful along with managers that wish to test their cleverness. That’s one explanation they cultivate such large lexicons as well as are excellent at bird methods.

If you see any type of threatening actions, it’s best to avoid scolding as the bird may create a life time anxiety of people. The most ideal technique to handle this bird is actually to overlook poor behavior as well as use beneficial reinforcement permanently behavior.

The cage for this bird requires to be higher you could anticipate. When you’re not all around, it must serve its long rear and let the bird jump all around as well as play. Make certain the bar spacing isn’t big sufficient for all of them to receive stuck in or even leave via; the perfect measurements is 1/2-inch to 5/8-inch space.

Well-maintained the food items as well as water bowl daily, settles as well as toys weekly, as well as the floor monthly. Annually, intend on taking every thing outside to be hosed down.

Common Health Problems

While the Indian ringneck parakeet is actually generally known to become a healthy and balanced pet bird, they lean to usual illness like psittacosis, polyomavirus, aspergillosis, as well as a lot of microbial contaminations. If tired, resisted for very long, or even clinically depressed, this bird may rely on suicidal behaviors such as plume plucking.

Diet regimen and Nutrition

Wild Indian ringnecks commonly feast on a diet of fruits, vegetables, seeds, almonds, and also berries. They additionally take pleasure in the nectar from blooms as well as the blossoms themselves.

While many vets acknowledge that it is actually best for restricted birds to consume a nutritionally well balanced pelleted diet regimen, a ringneck is going to value a wide array of fruits and veggies in their diet plan. Avocados, rhubarb, and also chocolate are actually poisonous to birds.

Some ringneck managers locate that their bird will figure out as well as leave behind pellets if it is actually mixed along with seeds. These birds seem to be meticulous about consuming pellets. If you find that to be the situation, offer pellets and also seeds individually and spin all of them on a regular timetable. They commonly come around to pellets. Generally of thumb, start off through supplying your bird 1/4 cup of pellets and also 1/4 mug of fruits and veggies daily. Improve the volume as required. Take out the leftover foods to stop putridity.

Similar to all birds, meals and water compartments must be cleared, washed, and also filled up daily to lower the risk of bacterial growth and contamination.

Physical exercise

Parakeets are actually quite active birds. Like a lot of other bird varieties, it is actually a really good idea to have a secure area for the pet to participate in and flex its own airfoils out of its own crate for at the very least 3 hrs every day.

Ringnecks also possess highly effective mandible muscles to keep. It is actually important to offer a collection of chewable toys, sets down, and cage extras, so the bird is actually less most likely to nibble on one thing important or even dangerous. This species delights in puzzles and any type of sophisticated playthings you can discover, which ought to aid maintain the bird hectic.

Where to Adopt or Buy an Indian Ringneck Parakeet

Indian ringnecks are relatively usual in the United States as well as can be rescued, embraced, or even obtained at confirmed companies like or fostering web sites like Petfinder. Prices varieties from $400 to $500, though you can anticipate to compensate to $700 relying on the bird and also the company.

Bring in certain that the breeder is trusted through asking them exactly how long they’ve been operating and multiplying with Indian ringneck parakeets if you’re going the dog breeder option. Request an excursion, but don’t be actually surprised if you are not able to explore the facilities in which they always keep the birds. Lots of respectable dog breeders decide to work under sealed bird sanctuaries, which stops illness from contaminating the flock.

Create certain that the bird you desire to take house is actually as healthy. Be sure the parakeet looks out, energetic, and shows all the indications of a well-balanced bird, such as intense eyes, well-maintained feathers, and total crops.

A beautiful bird, the Indian ringneck parakeet is an incredibly preferred family pet. Their relatively small size as well as beautiful taggings assist to create the ringneck the correct choice for lots of bird owners.

The Indian ringneck is one of the best speaking birds among the domestic types. While most veterinarians acknowledge that it is best for restricted birds to consume a nutritionally balanced pelleted diet, a ringneck will certainly cherish a selection of fruit products and vegetables in their diet plan. Some ringneck proprietors locate that their bird will definitely sort out as well as leave behind pellets if it is actually mixed with seeds.

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